Our Studio

Believe Dance Studio is all about the joy of dance. That’s why we decided not to put our students through exams. Instead, each and every class focuses on technique but, with an emphasis on performance and growing a passion for dance.

For the same reasons we also don’t have a studio uniform as we want every child to experience the joy of being an individual. What better way to do that than to express yourself in what you choose to wear! As long as it is appropriate dance wear, it’s A-okay with us!

With years of experience in the dance industry, Jodie took all the best bits of her dance training and teaching, and rolled them into one. After dancing professionally in South Africa, she moved to the UK where she started a family and studied her ballet teaching through the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Having taught in the UK for a few years, Jodie and her family moved to New Zealand in 2010. Since managing a dance shop and teaching at Bella Dance, Jodie finally secured her own premises, and “voila”, Believe Dance Studio was born.

Believe dance studio embodies a spirit of perseverance. There is no place for perfection in a learning environment, every skill can be sharpened and every smile made brighter! We hope that you’ll love being part of our studio as much as we love having you there 🙂

Ballet; Jazz; Musical Theatre and Fusion classes are all taught by Miss Jodie (Studio Owner and RAD – London trained teacher)