Our Dance Classes


Preschool: Our preschool classes are all about movement to music while disguising basic technique and co-ordination into fun, energetic exercises. We also use props and imaginative sequences to bring out the best in our young ballerinas which will in turn help develop their cognitive and gross motor skills. There is a new theme for each term which makes learning much more captivating!

Age 5 & up: As your child progresses to school age there will be a little more focus on the ballet fundamentals, however we will maintain a fun class as this is the best environment for your child to learn in. Through the age groups there will be some barre work, but most of the lesson will take place in the centre. As an RAD teacher, we will utilize this syllabus as well as pulling inspiration from various ballet syllabi and teachings throughout the world.

What to wear? Ballet shoes are a requirement. Any colour ballet outfit you desire. Please no big tutu’s or long fairy dresses.


Jazz stems from those who wanted to break away from the formality of ballet classes. These pioneers took inspiration from many dance genres and today’s jazz incorporates ballet, hip-hop, funk and contemporary just to name a few. It is danced to the latest hits and really gets the kids a movin’ and a shakin’.

What to wear? Ballet /Jazz shoes are a requirement. Dance leotard & tights, hot pants & tank or leggings with leotard / tank – any colour.


This is a fusion class for kids 10yrs+ who have always wanted to try some dancing but haven’t been quite brave enough to join a class. We incorporate ballet, lyrical and jazz dance into one class, making it a mash-up of dance. Learn new skills, dance technique and have great fun while you do it in this no-pressure class!

What to wear? Jazz or ballet shoes. Any suitable dance/gym wear.


Our musical theatre classes incorporate acting, dance and singing to famous musical theatre numbers. This is brilliant class for children who love to be the centre of attention as well as those that need to be brought out of their shell. You don’t have to be the best singer either, just have a love of everything musical.

What to wear? Jazz or ballet shoes are a requirement. Dance leotard & tights, hot pants & tank or leggings with leotard / tank – any colour.


Taught by an ex-professional Chinese dancer, these classes will fuse the beauty and tradition of Chinese dance with an emotive and progressive approach of modern techniques. Children will learn the art of specific Traditional Chinese dance props such as the silk fan and long ribbons, just to name a few.

What to wear? Ballet shoes are preferred. Tight gym type clothing (leggings; singlet, etc)